The true story of Candy Montgomery’s testimony at her trial

What transpired at the trial is a crucial element in a tale like the one we recently learned about Candy Montgomery through TV programs like Hulu’s Candy and HBO’s Love & Death. The following are known facts that we have outlined in this article: Candy Montgomery used an ax that was kept in Betty Gore’s garage to murder Betty. People were interested in Candy’s testimony at Candy Montgomery’s trial because it is commonly known that Candy was found not guilty of murder because she used self-defense. Is there a transcript available? If so, what were her exact words? Find out what we already know.

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Candy Montgomery’s testimony at her trial in 1980: is there a transcript?

The words Candy Montgomery pronounced in the testimony at her trial in October 1980 are not available in a full version or a transcript. However, we can read some of the sentences she said from this old article on the United Press International, dated October 23, 1980.

According to this article, Candy Montgomery testified at the trial that Betty Gore attacked her twice. She had to defend herself eventually. Betty questioned Candy about having an affair with her husband Allan Gore prior to the attacks. Candy acknowledged having had one months earlier despite insisting it was done. But didn’t you have one, too? Betty stated, according to the testimony of Candy.

Betty went into the utility room and came out with the iconic ax after Candy confirmed it. You won’t ever see him again, I want you to know. He’s not yours,” Betty remarked. Candy Montgomery allegedly responded, “Betty, don’t be ridiculous,” in her trial testimony. It was long ago when it ended. Betty looked at the ax against the wall and nodded in understanding.

The discussion between Candy and Betty continued, and at one point Candy expressed regret about the liaison. At her testimony, Candy remarked, “She looked so hurt and so distressed; I reached out and put my hand on her arm and said, ‘Betty I’m so sorry.'” When Betty heard it, she became enraged and shoved the woman into the utility room before picking up the ax once more and yelling, “You can’t have him, you can’t have him. I must murder you.

Betty struck Candy in the head. Candy used the ax she had in her hands to strike Betty in the hand after managing to avoid being struck critically. Candy made an attempt to flee as Betty swung back. However, Betty got back up and assaulted Candy once more. Candy Montgomery testified that she pleaded with Betty to let her go, “Betty let me go, please let me go.”

According to the HBO series Love & Death, Candy Montgomery “snapped” because of the intriguing detail. According to this other item on UPI, Candy disclosed during hypnosis a childhood trauma that may have contributed to what happened to Betty Gore: she was cut when she was 4 years old and cried in the doctor’s office. Candy’s mother addressed her several times with a “ssshhh.” She kept telling her daughter, “What will people in the waiting room think?” Candy felt mistreated and had resentment towards her mother for a very long time. She pleaded with Betty to stop attacking her and let her go years later, and Betty responded with a similar “ssshhh.” That somehow set off Candy’s combative response.

Candy Montgomery stated: “I didn’t think at all” during her testimony at the trial in 1980. I raise it and strike her with it before striking her again.

The key factor the jury considered when determining whether the self-defense claims were legitimate was the explanation Candy Montgomery gave during her trial. Candy Montgomery was found not guilty on October 30, 1980, with the jury acknowledging that she had acted in self-defense. As is well known, the verdict was not well received by the public, who felt that the violent nature of the murder made it difficult to justify it as an act of self-defense.

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