The Diplomat plot & ending explained: what Kate realized

Probably some of the most compelling subjects for a TV series are those involving the secret service, intelligence, and foreign affairs. The Recruit and Treason are two excellent examples of Netflix series that properly addressed the topic between 2022 and 2023. After a military attack on the British Navy, The Diplomat debuted in April with a complex plot revolving around the delicate relationships among the greatest nations in the globe. As the next American ambassador, Kate Wyler is dispatched to the UK. The plot continues with numerous turns until a frenetic conclusion: what happened? In the previous scenario, what did Kate discover? Hal, her spouse, is he still alive? We should explain everything.

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The Diplomat plot: who’s responsible for the attack?

The attack on the British Navy, where numerous officers are killed, opens The Diplomat. Kate Haley, a seasoned ambassador who was slated to begin serving in Kabul soon, has been chosen by the US as its new ambassador to the UK. Hal, her husband, has more expertise in that capacity and is available for that post, thus Kate is perplexed as to why the White House chose her. But she decides to take the job.

The plot of The Diplomat fuels Hal’s suspicions for several episodes: he appears to be proud and delighted for Kate’s attention, but he also seems to be able to manipulate events behind her back like a puppeteer. But it never seems like he’s planning something against Kate:he always acts reasonably, and his actions lead Kate to discover that Iran was not responsible for that attack, differently from what the British PM quickly implied.

Kate is then shown attempting to persuade the American President to refrain from openly endorsing the British PM’s plans to strike Iran. In doing so, she gains the President’s confidence. The Iranian ambassador then jots down the identity of the true attacker—a Russian by the name of Roman Lenkov—just before passing away, marking a crucial turning point in the plot of The Diplomat.

From that point on, we witness the British prime minister pressuring his entire team to come up with a plan of action against Russia. We eventually come to realize the prime minister’s true motivation for his strategy: he needs a powerful, foreign adversary to attack in order to establish himself as a national hero during the independentist era.

Kate finds it difficult to curb the British Prime Minister’s eagerness to bash Russia. At some time, Kate and the Russian ambassador have a crucial conversation during which the latter once more assists Kate in learning the location where Lenkov might be arrested. This makes Kate suspect if the Russian government was behind that attack; perhaps Lenkov was actually employed by another party. This would be consistent with the knowledge held by British intelligence, which has never been able to prove that any Russian organization gave the operation the go-ahead. This brings us to The Diplomat’s conclusion, therefore let’s get it well explained.

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