The Black Demon:Heartfelt Ending and Intriguing Topics Have Received Positive Reviews.

The Black Demon is a disaster thriller movie released last Friday, May 12th. The producer of “Piranha 3D” created a sea action disaster masterpiece. After the preview, it immediately triggered huge responses and discussions, reaching more than 3.5 million people quickly, and the total number of views of the preview on each platform has exceeded 500,000 views! On the first weekend of its release, “The Black Demon” showed its authentic power. The box office broke through 4.5 million in the three days of the weekend, and won the box office champion of Taiwan’s new film in one fell swoop!

The Black Demon tells the story of Paul (Josh Lucas) who took his family to travel to Mexico and visited the oil drilling platform owned by his company. When they came to the platform, they found it in chaos. The surviving staff told Paul that the platform was attacked by the monster of Mexican folklore, the “Megashark”, a long-extinct giant shark called “Megalodon”. Facing this sea monster with strong hatred from human beings, how should Paul and his family escape…

The “Dark Shark” that appeared in “The Black Demon” is a sea monster passed down by Mexican fishermen. It looks like a great white shark, but it is much bigger. People and things in front of it! It is said that countless fishermen died at sea because of it, and those who went to sea to fight against it are gone forever, which can be said to be the deepest nightmare of local fishermen!

Because the legend of the black magic shark prevails in the waters of the Gulf of California, the tooth fossils of the ancient giant shark “Megalodon”, which was extinct 2.6 million years ago, are often found. Therefore, some people speculate that the black magic shark is actually the descendant of the giant tooth shark. The real “Authentic Megalodon”!

The Black Demon set off a shark whirlwind, and some netizens echoed the recent “political correctness” issue, “Now even the skin of sharks must be black, yes, this is politically correct.”, “Political correctness.” The demonic hand of “Megalodon” has reached out to the biological world.” The combination of creativity and current events makes people even more curious about the true face of “Authentic Megalodon”.

Not only that, netizens carefully studied the “Black Magic Shark”, and left a message saying, “These species can even grow to a maximum length of more than 150 meters!”, “Because there are many fossils of megalodon sharks in the area of ​​Mexico, so their locals I think the black magic shark is a descendant of the megalodon shark, and it is indeed qualified to be called authentic.” “The legend of the black magic shark is really worthy of investigation by biologists. There are also mysterious legends about scorpion whales in Halong Bay, Vietnam. I am really curious. The existence of this kind of mysterious animal.”, “It is said that the black magic shark is a shark with a black body.”

The Black Demon is directed by Adrian Grunberg, the famous action director of “Rambo: The Last Blood”, starring Josh Lucas (Josh Lucas), the actor of “Roadman” , Josh Lucas played the role of “Paul”, an employee of an oil company in “The Meg”. He took his family to travel to Mexico and inspected the company’s offshore oil drilling platform by the way. trapped in the middle of the sea, in order to save his family, Paul must become the sea version of “The Strongest Dad”.

Josh Lucas said that The Black Demon is very similar to Steven Spielberg’s movie. A group of family members travel happily, but they are accidentally involved in a major crisis. The big point, and the biggest challenge of acting in this film is how to act as if the shark is really in front of you!

Josh Lucas revealed that in order to make the film more realistic, the crew really built a scaled-down version of the oil drilling platform on the sea, and the scenes in the water were all shot in the real sea. Sometimes the actors had to soak in salt water for a day. It took eight to ten hours, plus the set was made of sheet metal, so it was often accidentally cut, and it was hot as hell, which was very hard work, but Josh Luka thought it was well worth it, because he already had a good idea of ​​the film using green screen. Tired, “I find that I am a little bit Marvel fatigue recently, because when I watch those movies, I feel that everything in it is computer animation.” Josh Lucas emphasized that there are only sharks in The Black Demon is fake!

Many viewers who have watched it gave “The Black Demon” a positive review, “The ending is touching, with onions.”, “The subject matter is very interesting, and the suspenseful atmosphere is good.”, “Stimulating disaster movie, the realistic feeling is great.” Not only that, the The film even triggered discussions on the educational environment, “I think it looks good, and environmental education is of great significance.”, “It has joined the discussion on environmental protection issues, and it is worth watching.” Although it is not “Megalodon 2”, it is better than the general massacre Shark disaster movie, “The Black Demon” also includes a discussion of human nature, which is still intriguing after watching.

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