The Batman: the tale behind Something In The Way by Nirvana

We’re talking about Something In The Way, the final song from Nevermind that appears in two key scenes of Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Since the release of the film (and the trailer), streaming has reached an astonishing peak, with over 3 million plays on Spotify in the five days after the release of the film. This is over thirty years away for a generational change, but the song’s power is still palpable.

For a long time, people have disagreed over the lyrics’ interpretation. The conclusion is the same as the viewpoint we offered earlier: the most likely interpretation alludes to Kurt Cobain’s challenging years, and the lyrics depict his method of narrating life away from home, “under the bridge,” with reference to Aberdeen’s Young Street Bridge, where Kurt allegedly spent several nights.

The song’s unplugged version, which is the most popular from Nirvana’s discography, is available above. Those who are aware of what transpired next can relate to the song’s sadness: Kurt Cobain would commit himself a few years later, following the release of his second album. After his passing, the Unplugged in New York record was formally released.

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