Tetris movie: the soundtrack & the car chase song

There is no great movie without a terrific soundtrack, as we all know. And Tetris had every opportunity to be a fantastic movie when it was released on Apple TV in 2023. The story is based on a factual event and recalls the amazing distribution of the video game Tetris in 1989 amid legal disputes, multiple licenses negotiated with various players, and Soviet Union attempts to control the sale. Additionally, the music is a mini-masterpiece; the song played during the movie’s final vehicle pursuit greatly delighted the audience. We’ll learn the name of that tune and more about the soundtrack as a whole in this post.

You can watch the official trailer for Tetris here on Youtube.

Tetris movie on Apple TV: the soundtrack & the car chase song

The GRAMMY-winning musician Lorne Balfe created the soundtrack for the 2023 film Tetris, which was distributed by Lakeshore Records. However, the song played during the final automobile chase in Tetris is an original composition by the Japanese singer-songwriter ReN, alias Nagabuchi Ren. It is titled Holding Out A Hero and is a version of Bonnie Tyler’s 1984 hit. Below is a link to the version heard in the Tetris movie.

Bonnie Tyler originally composed Holding Out A Hero in 1984 for the Footloose soundtrack. It became a genuine rock anthem that fans adored for decades after becoming a huge smash all over the world. After appearing in the computer game Guardians of the Galaxy and the television series Loki, it somehow experienced a second surge of popularity around 2021. ReN transformed the song into an electronic music success with his cover by using the traditional 8-bit sound of old-school video games.

ReN was born in Tokyo in 1994, and since 2016, she has been putting out music. His official website, where you can keep up with his latest releases, is located here. His popular YouTube channel can be found here.

The Scottish musician Lorne Balfe created a magnificent selection of ambient music for the film Tetris’ original soundtrack. Experienced in creating soundtracks, he is known for his work on films such as Ghost in the Shell, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Black Widow, Top Gun: Maverick, and most recently Luther: The Fallen Sun. Mission Impossible 7 and 8’s composer was also revealed to be him.

On his Wikipedia page, Lorne Balfe has more information available. Here, you may stream the entire Tetris soundtrack across all platforms.

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