Silo series explained: what is outside? Is Holston dead?

The plot of the TV show Silo, which debuted on Apple TV in May 2023 and is based on the Hugh Howey book series, is intricate, and it’s clear that many secrets will be revealed during the episodes. However, after watching what has been released so far, the viewer’s most pressing question is: what is outside the silo? What did Sheriff Holston see, and is he really dead? Or is there a consp?

What is outside the silo? Is Holston really dead? Apple series explained (so far)

Silo’s Sheriff Holston’s wife Allison first becomes aware that the people in charge of the silo are lying in the first few episodes. She learns that the doctor lied about removing her birth control and surmises that “they” didn’t want her to become pregnant. The only thing Allison can do to end the feeling that she is living a lie is to express her desire to leave the house. The fundamental rule in the silo is that anyone who requests to leave is taken outdoors, where the inhabitants must watch as they perish from the contaminated air.

We observe Allison as she leaves the house from the viewpoint of others who are inside. And all we see is her dying in a dangerous environment. After some time has passed, Sheriff Holston begins to take his dead wife’s words to heart. When Holston decides he wants to know the truth, he imitates Allison’s actions from years before by claiming he wants to walk outside. They dress him in a suit and dispatch him.

We can now see what occurs in Holston’s eyes. He observes a spotless, lush planet with birds fluttering around joyfully. He responds, “You were right,” in reference to Allison’s pre-outing assertion. He sanitizes the silo’s sensor in the hopes that others will see what he sees before leaving, but as he does so, his suit runs out of oxygen. He removes the helmet after being certain that the air is pure. But we then witness him passing away.

How does this fit within Silo’s story, exactly? Holston actually saw a phony version of the outside world through his visor since his suit had been tricked. Although his visor was designed to show him a green environment, the planet is actually poisoned. He takes off his helmet because no one else has ever done this before. He breathes in the tainted air of the outside world and that is how he passes away.

Does this imply that the silo’s administrators are telling the truth and that there is no secret being kept from the public? Not at all, as you will quickly learn while watching the show on Apple TV. We’ll only give you the plot details you need to know right away to follow along with the happenings for the time being. The environment outside the silo is actually poisonous. However, it doesn’t always follow that you cannot survive there—a suitable outfit can be enough.

Every Friday sees the release of a new episode of Silo on Apple TV.

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