Rough Diamonds cast: Kevin Janssens is Noah Wolfson

The Netflix series Rough Diamonds, produced by Israeli Rotem Shamir and set in Belgium, is one of many that have been developed in locales that American viewers may not be familiar with. It offers us the ability to find actors who might not have otherwise come on our radar, much as every popular TV show that debuted on the platform. Let’s learn more about Kevin Janssens, who plays Noah Wolfson in the Rough Diamonds cast, and about the other characters he portrays.

You can watch the official trailer for Rough Diamonds here on Youtube.

Rough Diamonds, the cast: Kevin Janssens is Noah Wolfson

The actor playing Noah Wolfson in the Netflix TV series Rough Diamonds is the Belgian actor Kevin Janssens. He was born on August 21, 1979, in the same place where the series is set, Antwerp, Belgium: when Rough Diamonds was released on Netflix, he was 43.

In Belgian / Flemish movies and TV, Kevin Janssens is a well-known actor. He began his acting career in 2002, and King of the World, the miniseries in which he played the lead character, gave him his first important role in 2006. Since then, he has been in numerous television shows and motion pictures. His 2015 feature The Ardennes, which was chosen for the Toronto International feature Festival, helped him gain international recognition. He is clearly identifiable in the movie trailer.

Additionally, Kevin Janssens performs frequently for Toneelhuis, an Antwerp-based theater company. Additionally, he provided the voices for a number of well-known animated films for the Belgian market, including Penguins of Madagascar, Bolt from Disney, The Smurfs, and Wall-E from Pixar. All of his other films and television programs may be found on his personal pages on IMDb and Wikipedia Netherlands.

With Rough Diamonds, Janssens will probably reach his largest audience to date as the star of a well-liked Netflix series. However, he still has time to surpass his own records soon; we will continue to keep a close eye on his professional development.

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