Reacher cast: Maria Sten returns as Neagley in Season 2

Reacher, an Amazon original series that debuted in 2022, had a successful first season. The series, which is based on the thrilling Lee Child books and stars Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher, began with the book that introduced the protagonist, with Season 1 covering the 1997 book Killing Floor. There will be a second season, and it will be based on the 2007 novel Bad Luck and Trouble. A key member of the first season’s ensemble will also be back: Frances Neagley, the former Army commander who previously collaborated with Reacher. Maria Sten is the interpreter; let’s learn more about her.

Reacher cast: Maria Sten returns as Frances Neagley in Season 2

The actress playing Frances Neagley in the Amazon Prime original series Reacher is the Danish actress Maria Sten.Despite her youth, she is already well-known for her work in television and movies; she was 32 when the first season of Reacher was made available on Prime.

Maria began her professional life as a model before switching to acting. She won both Miss Supertalent of the World 2011 and Miss Denmark Universe 2008. You may watch a video of her running for Miss Universe 2008 from Denmark here on YouTube; if you didn’t know who she was, you might not have recognized her.

Maria Sten is best known for her 2019 appearance in the DC Universe television series Swamp Thing as Liz Tremayne. She has also played prominent roles in a number of other films and TV shows, such as Channel Zero: The Dream Door. She is also a writer; two of the ABC television series Big Sky that aired in 2021 were written by her.

Frances Neagley, who she portrays in the Amazon Prime original series Reacher, is the main character returning in Season 2. In the new Season’s plot, Jack Reacher and Neagley reunite and attempt to reassemble their former elite team. Neagley and Reacher were both a part of a team of nine specialized ex-army investigators, but many of them are currently missing. Therefore, except from Jack Reacher, no other characters from Margrave and Season 1 will make a comeback.

The role Maria Sten plays for Amazon’s Reacher could become the most important one of her career, reaching a new level of visibility. Let’s see where her talent will bring her. Meanwhile, you can follow her roles on IMDb and Wikipedia. And she’s also on Instagram.

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