Muted plot & ending explained: the story of Ana and Sergio

One of those psychological thrillers, Muted has everything a good drama should have: an odd narrative, a mysterious protagonist, a backstory that must be gradually revealed, characters who are not always what they appear, and a surprising conclusion. It has undoubtedly been well received by Netflix subscribers, but in order to fully comprehend Ana and Sergio’s story and how their lives are intertwined, an analysis is required. Let’s investigate it.

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Muted plot & ending explained: the story of Ana and Sergio

The narrative of Sergio, a young kid who spent several years in prison after killing his own parents, is followed in the Netflix original film Muted. He ceased speaking after that, with a few rare exceptions. He is allowed to serve his probationary time in his house after serving six years in prison. However, Ana, the psychiatrist who has been observing him since the day of the killings, is discreetly keeping track of every move he makes.

Through Ana’s observation, we see Sergio’s life in every episode. She is in charge of this initiative to learn Sergio’s genuine story because she believes he is not a psychopath and knows him better than anyone. Sergio commutes to work, prays, and chats with Marta, one of the “fans” who sent him letters while he was incarcerated. But as time goes on, it becomes clear that Ana is genuinely drawn to Sergio. She tells Marta that they both feel the same way and that it is a habitual tendency.

When we reach the major turning point in the Muted story, which demands explanation, things become more challenging: Sergio killed his parents, and Ana took in his sister Noa as her own. When Sergio killed his parents, Noa was a young girl who was adopted into that family. After the killings, Noa was given custody of Noa and adopted Noa. This provides us with more information regarding Ana’s fixation on Sergio.

To comprehend the Muted ending, this preoccupation must be explained: Sergio’s mother, a seasoned psychiatrist, taught Ana. She continued researching Sergio’s case after Sergio killed his mother. She grew more and more enthralled by his tale as she could identify with him; as unloved children, they were both misunderstood or “seen” by their parents. Ana began to become rather fixated on Sergio over time. While he was incarcerated, she wrote him letters using a fake identity. She seems to be really attracted to him. And he is making every effort to disprove his sociopath status. That was one of the factors that encouraged her to take in Noa, Sergio’s sister, following the killings. She knows she will always have a chance because she is raising Noa.

As Muted’s conclusion approaches, we learn how Sergio revealed what had transpired that evening: he confessed to Ana while Noa and Ana’s husband were watching them on covert cameras. Sergio claims to Ana that his mother abused him, coerced him into using medications, and treated him like a test subject for a medical experiment. Sergio eventually learned that his mother intended to begin doing experiments on Noa as well. Sergio explained that this led to a dispute with his father, and in the ensuing altercation, his father unintentionally shoved his mother from the balcony. He leaped immediately after that.

This justification validates Ana’s hypothesis that Sergio is a victim after all. However, when Ana hears this, Noa rushes over to Sergio, hugs him, and tells her the truth: Sergio actually murdered his parents during a ferocious fit of rage. Sergio’s mother never planned to give Noa medication; she was just attempting to help him with the prescriptions. Sergio required assistance since he had serious issues with self-control and killed his parents when he lost control. Noa also observed it. She went back and explained everything to her mother Ana, allowing her to make her own decisions by telling her the truth.

This is how Muted’s conclusion plays out: Ana discovers the truth—she’s broken. She still chooses to be close to Sergio due to her obsession with him. Having just lost her mother, Noa flees to her father. Silently sobbing are Sergio and Ana. The window is then opened by Sergio, who extends a hand to Ana and pulls her toward the balcony. Ana tries to stop Sergio, but she soon understands that they are in this together: both of their lives have ended, their families have passed away, they are both alone, and no one wants them. They both had lost the will to live.

It is necessary to discuss Muted’s conclusion independently. Through the damaged camera, Sergio and Ana can be seen on the balcony. One of them dies after falling from the balcony. Whether Sergio or Ana passed away is purposefully left unanswered in the TV show. If you closely examine the finale again, you’ll probably find that the falling body has bare arms, indicating that Ana is who it should be. If that’s the case, there are two possibilities: either Ana leaped out the balcony on her own volition after realizing her life is completely destroyed, indicating Sergio is a true sociopath (after all, he was the one pushing Ana to jump out the window with him), or Ana was pushed off the balcony by Sergio.

The truth is that this point cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt because the TV series Muted did not intend to make it clear who perished at its conclusion. However, after the final scene, it is clear that Sergio had murdered his parents during one of his fits of rage and that Ana was obsessed with him in addition to her family and profession. In the final scene of the show, Ana and Sergio’s storylines collide against one another almost unintentionally.

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