Meet Mary, the girl in the 2023 Dove commercial

In April 2023, a strange event happened in the world of advertising: Dove, a well-known company that specializes in cosmetics and beauty products, aired a moving commercial that featured the experiences of young women who had been negatively impacted by the toxic image of beauty in today’s social media. On Dove’s official website, you may participate in a real campaign. You can also find additional real stories on their Youtube channel. Mary, a young girl who has battled eating issues throughout her childhood, is the main character in the 2023 Dove ad. People were curious about her, so we’ll tell you more about the happy conclusion to her story and who she is today in this article.

You can watch the 2023 Dove commercial about the “Cost of Beauty” here on Youtube.

Meet Mary, the girl in the 2023 Dove commercial

Mary is the little girl who stars in the 2023 Dove advertisement about the price of beauty’s social media representation. Her name is Mary Esposito, and in 2023, she is a young woman who is studying Business Administration at the University and already has a successful business operating. Although her identity was concealed in the advertisement, she proudly thanked Dove for involving her when the commercial was released on LinkedIn.

Mary Esposito is currently a young adult. Her eating disorders had an impact on her youth, but with her mother’s encouragement, she blossomed as a self-assured lady throughout her adolescence. She began making and selling crocheted plush toys when she was just 14 years old. This hobby quickly developed into the prosperous company Purple Pear. On her official website, you may purchase her goods. Her crochet shop routinely receives orders from all throughout the United States, according to her LinkedIn profile. You may watch her speech below from 2020, when she was 17, where she discussed her experience on TEDx Talks.

Mary also has more than 100.000 followers on TikTok through her channel Money With Mary, where she offers advice to aspiring business owners. As you can see, she speaks boldly to the camera and is pleased with her accomplishments. Social media’s portrayal of beauty in her younger years had an impact, but she was able to get through it without suffering long-term effects, and today she has a promising future. Instagram allows you to follow her personal page as well as her Purple Pear business.

Dove examined the tales of numerous young women, including Mary. All the others—Ana, Jameson, Morgann, Pennie, and Ashton—can be found on YouTube. Additionally, you can sign this petition on ParentsTogether if you want to actively support more regulation of beauty representation on social media.

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