Jaymes Young, Infinity: the meaning of the viral song on TitTok

From Jaymes Young’s 2017 album Feel Something, the song “Infinity” was extracted. However, this song’s actual success didn’t come until 2021, when it was used as the musical accompaniment for a number of TikTok videos that were shot in the dark and lit only by the shoulders of the main characters.

The complete video is below.

The lyrics and the meaning of the song

A passionate love song, Infinity. In the song’s lyrics, the singer declares that he is certain that the woman he is in love with is the one who will make both of them monarchs of this earth and that he will be in love with her forever.

Baby, this love
I’ll never let it die
Can’t be touched by no one
I’d like to see ’em try

I’m a mad man for your touch, girl, I’ve lost control
I’m gonna make this last forever, don’t tell me it’s impossible

‘Cause I love you for infinity
I love you for infinity

The verses are unambiguous, solid, and convinced. The song’s remaining verses support the idea and ultimately emphasize how powerful this love is in defining one’s fate and place in the world.

Oh, darling, my soul
You know it aches for yours
And you’ve been filling this hole
Since you were born, oh

‘Cause you’re the reason I believe in fate, you’re my paradise
And I’ll do anything to be your love or be your sacrifice

Meet me at the bottom of the ocean
Where the time is frozen
Where all the universe is open
Love isn’t random, we are chosen
And we could wear the same crown
Keep slowing your heart down
We are the gods now

The singer is addressing the person they love and expressing how much they long for their company. The use of the word “soul” suggests that the connection between the two individuals is more than just physical, but also spiritual or emotional.They believe that their soul has been incomplete until they found this person. The idea that the person has been filling the hole in the singer’s soul since they were born suggests that they have always been destined to be together.


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