“I Need a Big Boy”: SZA viral TikTok song, the story & lyrics

SZA is undoubtedly one of the most adored musicians working today. Social media is awash with videos made to her songs, TikTok is booming with them, her Kill Bill is still generating interest, and the other songs from her latest album, Shirt, Low, and Blind, are among of her fans’ favorites. It’s cuffing season, I need a large boy, is a line from a secret song she wrote that TikTok users are going crazy for in the first few months of 2023. The fact is that it was written for Saturday Night Live in December 2022 and was not an official song published by the performer. In this post, let’s examine its narrative, lyrics, and significance.

“It’s cuffing season, I need a big boy”: the story & lyrics of the SZA song viral on TikTok

The song with the line “It’s cuffing season, I need a big boy” is a skit prepared quickly by SZA for her performance at Saturday Night Live, aired on December 1, 2022.

You can see her performance of the song alongside KeKe Palmer, Ego Nwodim, Cecily Strong, and Punkie Johnson on the official SNL YouTube channel by clicking the link below.

Unexpectedly, the song that was originally intended to be a quick sketch for the performance went viral on TikTok because so many people enjoyed the tune and the lyrics. A girl’s longing to have a strong man by her side during the winter, when it’s freezing outside and you wish you had warm love with you, is expressed in the song “It’s cuffing season, I need a big boy.” As the “cuffing season” suggests, being chained in bed with your beloved is in fact a respectable method to warm up a winter night, even in the shape of assertive physical passion.

It’s cuffing season
And now we’ve got a reason
To get a big boy
I need a big boy
Give me a big boy

With that song, TikTok actually went bonkers. The number of videos with the hashtag “#bigboy” is growing, and its creators sing, dance, and relate to the message that SZA delivered. The singer expressed her surprise at the song’s popularity on Twitter, writing on December 22: “The way y’all blew up a spoof song from SNL is KILLING ME.”

SZA now has to deal with the fact that all of her fans want her to formally release the song. It may be one of those instances where the audience’s demands influence the artist’s release strategy now that all social media are flooded with the most varied versions of the song (including bogus claims that Doja Cat contributed). The growing number of fans who are dissatisfied that there isn’t an official version of this song everywhere can be seen on Twitter.A huge boy is required by the world for the cuffing season. Or, to put it better, SZA must state a concluding point to this tale, once and for all.

Below you can find the full lyrics of SZA skit song Big Boy.

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The complete lyrics

It’s cuffing season
And now we’ve got a reason to get a big boy
I need a big boy
Give me a big boy (Big, b-big, b-big, big boy)

It’s cuffing season
And all the girls are leavin’ to get a big boy (Big boy)
I need a big boy ((Big boy))
I want a big boy

I need a big boy w-wit’ polar bear arms
Keeps me warm in a winter snow storm
Wind chill is bitin’ but his jackets are zipped
He bring in my groceries in just one trip

Till the sun comes back, I need a big boy hottie
Makes his own heat with his boy boy body
For the next three months, skinny boys is dead
Forget a six-pack, I need the whole damn keg

Big boy w-with a big ole back
A California king, refrigerator stacked
With steaks on steaks on steaks on steaks on steaks
Bu-bu-butter, bacon, cheese, and lasagna in the tray

Need an enormous man with an enormous stand
Feeds me snacks with his enormous hands
And I hope he asks me to be his winter-wife
‘Cause messin’ with a big boy will change your life

It’s cuffing season
And all the girls be needin’
I need a big boy
I want a big boy
Give me a big boy

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