Hayya Hayya: the meaning of Qatar World Cup 2022 song

It was formally launched on April 1, 2022, and it serves as the official anthem for the Qatar-hosted 2022 FIFA World Cup. Hayya Hayya (Better Together) is the name of the song, and the three musicians who created it are from separate continents: American r&b singer Trinidad Cardona, Nigerian musician Davido, and Qatari musician Aisha. Let’s study the song’s significance while reading its primary lyrics.

You can find the official video below.

Hayya Hayya: the lyrics and the song meaning

“By uniting voices from the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East, this song symbolises how music – and football – can unite the world,” said FIFA Chief Commercial Officer Kay Madati. The multi-song soundtrack will bring ardent fans even closer to the spirit of the FIFA World Cup than ever before as part of FIFA’s updated music strategy.

The lyrics portray a hopeful outlook on the future with optimism, which captures the true essence of Hayya Hayya:

I wanna walk the walk on every street
I wanna ball out with the world at my feet
Hit every discotheque and not skip a beat, yeah-yeah
I wanna party, party eight days a week

I promise, I promise, I promise you now
Everything, everything gonna work out
Every tomorrow, no matter what goes down

The World Cup’s official song serves as a big platform for the musicians that created it. Famous performers including Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Ricky Martin, and Anastacia have filled this role in recent years.

Other songs that were released in the months leading up to the competition are also included on the official World Cup soundtrack. They are all located here.

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