Ghosted (2023) plot & ending explained: what is it about?

On April 21, 2023, Ghosted became available on Apple TV all across the world. Wikipedia refers to the Dexter Fletcher-directed film, starring Ana De Armas and Chris Evans, as a “romantic action-adventure comedy.” Which, as you might agree, is a lot of tags to comprehend what it is about. This article will examine the movie’s plot and resolution and explain its meaning.

You can watch the official trailer for the Apple TV movie Ghosted below

Ghosted (2023) plot & ending explained: what is it about?

In the 2023 Apple TV movie Ghosted the protagonists are Sadie (Ana De Armas) and Cole (Chris Evans). She is introduced as a traveling art curator at the beginning of the film, but Cole is a farmer who has never left the country. She is a strong, independent woman who despises when men become overly attached and needy, and he is a man who falls in love too easily and pushes the relationship forward into something more serious right away. Their characters couldn’t be more different from one another.

When they first meet, they spend an entire day together before breaking apart. Cole begins to contact her frequently but receives no responses. According to what his sister says, she has decided to quit communicating with him and ghost him, which is how the movie gets its name. While Cole flies to London to surprise Sadie, he learns she is a CIA operative working on a very risky operation in Europe. However, Ghosted is not about being in a bad relationship.

As the plot explains that something new is growing inside Cole and Sadie, the movie Ghosted swiftly transforms into an action movie with a love undertone and lots of humorous scenarios. He will demonstrate his capacity for action, and she will discover that “missions” don’t necessarily take precedence over “feelings” and connections.

Sadie is a CIA operative attempting to obtain the Aztec, a lethal weapon sought after by numerous criminals. The combination to unlock the weapon, which is hidden within a suitcase, is the genetic make-up of an unidentified living thing. The Taxman, an American man prepared to sell the code to open the bag, is sought after by everyone. Everyone in London believes Cole to be the Taxman when he arrives. But it’s not long before we learn that Sadie goes by the moniker “Taxman”.

In reality, no one currently knows the combination—the only people who did in the past are dead—and the gangsters are pursuing Sadie and Cole in search of it. They manage to flee and make it back to the CIA, where Cole gains crucial insight from studying the images of the victims of Sadie’s murders: the combination must be the genetic makeup of an Aztec plant found in the home of the girl Sadie recently murdered.

The Ghosted movie narrative revealed how Cole and Sadie survive at the conclusion. The CIA officers guarding Cole are slain, but Cole is used as bait to reveal the culprits. He knows he should leave, but he stays because he thinks Sadie will come and help him. And so it goes: Sadie and Cole fall in love, she gets to know his family, and they start a life together from that point on. The Ghosted epilogue shows Sadie managing to squeeze in some time with Cole while being on a covert mission around the globe.

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