From TV series explained: what are the monsters?

One of the most thrilling TV shows to be released in recent years is without a doubt from. The show resumed with Season 2 in 2023 after Season 1 was released in 2022, and a third season is already in the works. The TV show’s plot unfolds gradually, making it challenging to provide definitive answers. What are the monsters in From? is one of the most often asked topics regarding the series’ villains. What are these animals seeking from mankind for and why are they here? Based on the aspects the plot has so far provided, let’s attempt to comprehend it together.

You can watch the official trailer for From Season 2 here on Youtube.

From TV series explained: what are the monsters?

A group of individuals from various parts of the United States end up in this remote town in the television series From, from which there is no way out. The biggest threat is posed by the monsters, which are nocturnal animals that emerge from the woods and attempt to slay anyone they come across.

The real nature of the monsters/creatures has not yet been disclosed in the television series From. The plot of From is reminiscent of another classic television program from the past, Lost, which also has two executive producers, Jack Bender and Jeff Pinkner: similarly to Lost, the characters in From struggle to comprehend their true location and the significance of the paranormal events occurring around them. They seek more explanations in each episode, barely ever succeeding. This narrative strategy suggests that we should anticipate the television series From to divulge some information about the monsters in the future, perhaps in a few seasons as the plot develops more steadily.

It is legitimate to seek clarification in the meanwhile. Many viewers offered their opinions on the subject in a lengthy thread on Reddit, where they speculated that the monsters might be malevolent Fae or Slaugh, powerful mythical beings. It’s an intriguing notion, and the viewers discovered numerous arguments in its favor. However, the series From hasn’t yet offered any confirmation.

There is no question that the monsters are paranormal beings with malicious intentions for the visitors to the town. They approach individuals by posing as regular people and only expose their monstrous when they are ready to attack. The only goal they appear to have is to pursue their deadly instinct. When the first season of From comes to an end, a voice on the radio tells Jim that his wife Tabitha “shouldn’t be digging that hole.” With her hole, Tabitha was almost at a system of tunnels beneath the town where the monsters slept during the day, as we learn in Season 2. This indicates that they are intelligent enough to protect themselves from humans when they feel threatened.

We still can’t exclude out that the monsters are manipulating the humans in that town like it’s some sort of experiment based on how the From storyline is currently developing. They constantly seem to be aware of what the residents attempt, and Season 1 doesn’t disguise the suspicion that they “get angry” when locals devise cunning escape plans. From this vantage, it appears that the creatures in From are continuously keeping an eye on people. So, do they want them all to pass away? How are experiments conducted without using humans?

This sort of response is not yet available. But we are aware that one of the From characters is more knowledgeable than the rest. Victor is there; he has been there the longest and is familiar with the symbol that frequently emerges. Victor and the others appear to be guided in their struggle for survival by the youngster in white. There are the voices Sara claims to hear, who purport to wish to stop them all from perishing. The From series’ plot moves forward despite all these unanswered questions regarding the true nature of the monsters and other creatures. We will keep track on the situation and pay close attention to every detail, updating this post if a new development occurs. You can carry on in the interim by


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