From, the TV series: the main theories explained

You might see an early similarity between the Epix/MGM+ TV series From on HBO and another modern legendary series, Lost, which ran from 2004 to 2010. It is hardly surprising that Jack Bender and Jeff Pinkner, two executive producers, are involved in both projects. Similarly to what happened with Lost, viewers have created a variety of theories in an effort to make sense of what has happened. In this post, we will analyze the major theories regarding the plot, the location where humans are stuck, and how events will develop. We already addressed what the creatures might be.

You can watch the official trailer for From Season 2 here on Youtube.

From, the TV series: the main theories explained

In the novel From, we follow the lives of a large number of individuals who mysteriously settle in this remote village. They all originated from various locations in the United States and were traveling in different directions when they finally crossed a fallen tree in the woods and arrived in this unnamed town. There is no way out of here because it appears that all roads lead in circles. And when night falls, there are monsters emerging from the woods, prepared to slaughter everyone.

People attempt to comprehend their surroundings, how this world operates, and how to escape throughout the entirety of From. They also made numerous attempts to communicate with the outside world: one of these efforts was to build a radio; another was to draw the attention of their loved ones; a third was to learn more; a fourth was to reach the lighthouse; and a fifth was to spend days in the woods with Boyd and Sara. However, the From series failed to provide any definitive explanations for what was occurring, which is why people required theories.

On Reddit, a theory gained a lot of traction. This is a summary of it, primarily as stated by user OXSIM over the years. It was built fairly effectively, with many elements that fit the series’ plot. This hypothesis states that From takes place in the Fairyland, a fantastical setting from Scottish and Norse mythology. It is a parallel universe, a distinct dimension from Earth, where the Fae live. The Fae are potentially dangerous creatures; they would fit From’s monsters.

Many interpretations that put what we see in the television series From into this perspective can be found on Reddit. For instance, the idea of the Faerie Tree, a tree that serves as a portal between the two worlds, may be found in Celtic tradition. This would line up with what we observe in the series when characters step inside the Faraway tree. This theory’s creator went so far as to describe the precise correspondences between numerous significant series characters and what transpired during Ragnarok in Norse mythology, demonstrating a link between the Norse gods Heimdall, Tyr, and Loki. This Reddit post contains the characters that match.

This is the most comprehensive hypothesis on the TV show From to date, largely because many narrative developments can still be explained from this angle. Of course, it’s not the only hypothesis that can account for everything. Other scenarios have already been suggested by some of the series’ characters. For example, in Episode 4 of Season 2, Jim Matthews tells his wife about his hypothesis that everything is a well planned experiment that would push people’s experiences to the limit. If that’s the case, then every aspect of those people’s lives has been designed to put them to the test, and someone is keeping an eye on their emotions when they learn about mysteries (such the lines that carry power even though they aren’t connected to anything).

It remains a viable theory. What if they are all dead, they didn’t escape the automobile accident, and they are all in a Dantesque limbo? is a valid issue that Jim’s wife Tabitha frequently poses. Since nothing in the series has a logical explanation and none of it is based on reality, this would give everything some sort of purpose. They are experiencing a state of life that does not adhere to the rules of reality that we used to understand, where everyone is expected to contribute and eventually complete their duties as if on a quest. It is not precisely like they are dreaming.

We will still have many seasons and episodes of analyzing which ideas match the TV show From’s plot better than others if things proceed as they did for Lost. Come back here for updates whenever you need them, and let’s have fun together.


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