From series, the theme song explained: who sings it?

Sometimes a single song can contain a potent message, giving a film or series a new viewpoint. The Epix/MGM+ TV series from 2022 is a prime example: the opening theme music is a gloomy rendition of a well-known song, and its meaning can provide a clear understanding of the entire series. Let’s find out what the song is called, who sings it, and what the main message is.

You can watch the official trailer for From here on Youtube, whereas here you can re-watch the opening credits with the theme song.

From TV series, the theme song meaning: who sings it?

The theme song you hear in From opening credits is Que serasera, the cover version by The Pixies. You can find the song in full streaming below.

Originally, Que Sera Sera is a song written in 1955 by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans and performed by the singer and actress Doris Day in 1956 for Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece The Man Who Knew Too Much. You can watch the iconic scene from Hitchcock’s film here on Youtube.

The song has a special significance for Doris Day in The Man Who Knew Too Much because she sings it to her daughter frequently and it makes her happy. The character played by Doris Day is singing Que Sera Sera in the scene where she plays the piano with all of her strength in the hopes that her daughter will hear it. At the time, a group of spies have abducted her daughter, but her mother is aware she is in the building and hopes that hearing the song she loves, the daughter will find a way to escape and reunite with her.

The phrase “Que Sera Sera” translates to “whatever will be, will be” in Spanish. The song has a hopeful, upbeat message, as you can hear in the original version, even if the young girl has many questions for her mother and many uncertainties about how her life would turn out in the future. But the mother gives a sage response: you should stop worrying about the future because you cannot anticipate or control it. Every day, enjoy the moment you’re in, and together, let’s decide how our future will look. The chorus features Doris Day singing, “The future’s not ours to see.”

You can’t help but notice the gloomy tone The Pixies’ rendition has. Black Francis and his band’s interpretation of Que Sera Sera gives it a melancholy connotation that perfectly complements the storyline of the TV show From. From’s characters are perpetually shrouded in ambiguity. They can’t rely on the future and don’t know if the next night will be successful. From their vantage point, they can only be concerned with the present, but this time due to a lack of alternatives: the residents of From’s small town are unable to envision the future and have no plans for it.

Que Sera Sera, voiced by The Pixies, obtains a different meaning: don’t waste time thinking about tomorrow, you can’t even know if tomorrow you’ll be here. Whatever will be, will be. You better focus on surviving the night.


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