The songs from the 30th anniversary parade at Disneyland Paris are titled Dream and Shine Brighter 2022.

At the beginning of March, Disneyland Paris opened the 2022 show to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the most popular theme park for kids. The footage of the performance may be viewed here on YouTube. Two original songs, Ready For The Ride and Un Monde Qui S’Illumine, were created especially for the occasion to get the kids singing and dancing. Two upbeat songs that people of all ages like listening to again even after viewing the performance. Below is a list of them along with a sample of each song’s lyrics.

I’m ready for the ride (I’m ready for the ride)
I’m ready to bring light just like the sun, yeah
Our memories are all around,
And I know we’ve only just begun

Hélose created Un Monde Qui S’Illumine, which is also streamable on Spotify.

Look to the sky, hope is all around
And it’s about to ignite
It’s looking bright, go on let it out
The spark you’re feeling inside

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