Citadel explained: who’s the mole who helped Manticore?

Spy series can be really difficult to follow. What happens can occasionally be difficult to comprehend because they are entirely built on secrecy, deception, and intricate action plans. Two covert organizations, Citadel and Manticore, are featured in Citadel, an espionage novel that debuted on Amazon Prime in April 2023. The way the plot has developed thus far, Manticore was able to eliminate the good agents all around the world with the aid of a mole inside Citadel. What is known about this mole, and why is it there? On the basis of what the series has shown thus far, let’s provide some solutions.

You can watch the official trailer for Citadel here on Youtube.

Citadel series explained: who’s the mole who helped Manticore, and why?

The primary organizations in the game are explained in the first episode of Citadel, an Amazon Prime TV series set in 2023. On the one side, there is Citadel, a global organization that keeps an eye on every nation’s secret service in the world. The goal of Citadel is to stop any country’s secret service from influencing history and manipulating events to their favor. Citadel is the building that safeguards the globe from bad people as a result.

But those who desired power had to remove Citadel from the equation. Because of this, some of the world’s wealthiest people established the villainous organization Manticore, whose goal was to entirely destroy Citadel. Manticore eliminated the majority of Citadel agents one by one throughout the entire world. Dahlia Archer, the British Ambassador to the United States, is one of the Manticore leaders.

In Citadel, we learn that Manticore didn’t carry out their nefarious plan to destroy Citadel entirely on their own. Instead, a mole inside the city assisted Manticore’s agents. The identity and motivations of the mole—who assisted Manticore in destroying Citadel and for what reasons—remain the plot’s central mysteries.

In Citadel’s fourth episode, it is revealed that ten years earlier, Mason had expressed his concerns about Brielle/Celeste, an old friend of Nadia who had joined the Tier-One missions and turned double. Mason eventually decides to have her removed from the assignment and questions her about the Oz-Key she was meant to be stealing. She doesn’t seem to have any clear answers, so Mason recommends the backup plan: she will forget her memory and leave the Citadel as Abby, an unknown individual with no knowledge of any kind of secret services. Ironically, Mason too loses his memory once Abby marries him.

Viewers may conclude from that episode that Brielle/Celeste is the mole that assisted Manticore in taking down Citadel. Spencer, however, tells us the truth: he overheard a conversation in which Nadia gave the order to hide the Oz-Key over Brielle’s shoulders. Mason learns about it through Spencer, who implies that what he did with Brielle was intended to serve as a diversion. In Spencer’s theory, Mason thinks Nadia is the mole, but because he loves her, he wants to paint Brielle as the traitor so that no one will ever suspect Nadia.

We now know that Brielle/Celeste/Abby wasn’t Citadel’s mole as a result of this discovery. Currently, Nadia is the major target of suspicion because several of the flash-forward scenes we’ve seen so far seem to corroborate that she was the saboteur who assisted Manticore in taking down Citadel. However, there is no hint of a potential motive. Additionally, if Nadia is the genuine mole, her operation at the start of Citadel, when she is on the train with Mason, must have been a cover.

Until now, we are unsure of who the mole is. Nadia might be responsible, but Mason is also a possibility. One of them may have made the decision to assist Manticore for personal reasons unrelated to any desire for greater power.



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