Citadel ending explained: Mason Kane’s memories & story

Citadel’s first season’s six episodes covered a lot of plot points that require explanation. The season ends very swiftly, Mason Kane’s look is loaded with significance, and viewers are left wondering what he is contemplating in the final shot. This essay attempts to investigate Mason’s ideas by recapping his story after he regains his memory.

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Citadel ending explained: Mason Kane’s memories & story

Mason Kane is introduced to us in the first Citadel episode. He plays a crucial role in the intelligence organization, and he has long acted in Citadel’s best interests when making judgments. In the first episode of Season 1, he surprises Nadia by meeting her on that train. Mason had a purpose for being there, but Nadia was called for that task. Nadia and Mason exchanged the following words just before the train derailed: “I lied to you.”

We try to comprehend what occurred to Mason and Nadia during the entire plot. We are aware that there is a mole, but it takes us a number of episodes to identify it. We are aware that Dahlia is the head of Manticore, the adversary group created to destroy Citadel. The reasons for every action are, however, made clear in the season finale once Mason Kane regains his memories.

Since the most recent episode, we are aware of Mason Kane’s entire history. His mother abandoned him when he was a little child after his father was dead. He grew raised without a true identity, living with his grandparents. Once he reached adulthood, he joined Citadel, the secret agency that “finally saw him.” But as he has noted in the story of Citadel, Mason doesn’t truly discover who he is until he meets Nadia.

Mason develops feelings for Nadia. They collaborate on a number of missions. He appears more engaged than she is and wants to wed Nadia. Nadia, though, eventually begins acting erratically. Although he doesn’t know why, he is undoubtedly aware that her actions will cause him to worry. Mason conducts this so that everyone would suspect Brielle of being a mole and no one will ever have any concerns about Nadia. This is why when the Oz-Key vanishes after Brielle’s assignment, Mason blames Brielle and orders the backstop process on her. He just took this provocative move out of love for Nadia.

However, Nadia is not the mole. She is merely acting strangely because she is expecting a child with Mason and plans to raise it. She makes the contentious choice to resign Citadel, leave Mason Kane, and go to Valencia so that she can raise her daughter there. Mason is utterly perplexed by this, though. To continue, he needs to know where Nadia is. Since Citadel doesn’t reveal anything, he turns to Dahlia, Mason Kane’s mother, who is the only one who can help him, as we learn at Citadel’s conclusion.

After Mason Kane regains memory, we learn that Dahlia abandoned Mason with his grandparents and vanished shortly after the bombing that killed her husband and Mason’s father. She subsequently learns that Citadel was responsible for the explosion, which resulted in the deaths of other UN officials in addition to the terrorist cell that was the intended target. When Mason asks Dahlia for assistance in finding Nadia, she tells him the truth. Mason then turns into the snitch who aids Dahlia in overthrowing Citadel at that point. Mason and Dahlia both suffered the loss of loved ones as a result of Citadel, and they have good cause to exact retribution.

Mason Kane turns becomes a mole, informing Dahlia about Citatel’s spies, and neither Bernard nor Nadia suspect him. When Mason learns that Nadia is in Valencia taking care of his child, he decides not to go and confront her, choosing instead to carry out his plan of retaliation against Citadel. The Citadel collapses, killing the majority of the agents. Nadia is instructed to board a train to assassinate a Manticore opponent in one of the final tasks, though. Mason Kane makes the decision to step in at that point. He is assisting Dahlia in taking down Citadel, but he still has feelings for Nadia and wants to protect her. Before the train derailed, they planned to tell each other the following lies: Nadia attempted to tell him she had his daughter (she didn’t think Mason already knew that), and Mason wanted to confess he’s the mole and why.

However, the train derails, and Mason and Nadia are subject to the backstop procedure. Brielle, who has since lost her memory, marries Mason when he returns to the country. Nadia continues to raise her kid in Valencia after returning there. Mason is approached by Bernard once more, and he begins working for him once more despite his lack of recollection. Mason will help Nadia before losing his memory, and they will work together to stop Dahlia without anybody knowing that Dahlia is his mother.

They’ll be successful. Mason, Nadia, and Bernard make their way back to the country. Although he now realizes he has a second daughter with Nadia, Mason can hug his wife Celeste and daughter once more. Mason then regains all of his memories and recalls that he was the one who assisted Dahlia in overthrowing Citadel.

The final scene of Citadel has revealed what Mason is contemplating: he is aware that his wife Celeste is actually Brielle, the spy for the Citadel who was ordered to lose her memory. He had daughters with two different ladies he loved in his life. He does, however, have a happy family with Celeste. Nadia, on the other hand, made the decision to go on by herself while keeping his daughter a secret. He is aware that he is the mole; he feels affection for Nadia despite his hatred of what she did to his daughter. Knowing Celeste is a former spy with no memory, he also lives a life with her: If they hadn’t lost their memories, Mason and Brielle/Celeste wouldn’t have liked one another;

All of this will serve as fuel for Citadel: Diana’s Season 2 events. We still have to determine how the sequel’s new spy fits into the Citadel’s overall storyline. However, if Mason Kane is involved, we will undoubtedly comprehend his plans once we have read everything we have discussed in this essay about Citadel’s storyline and resolution.

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