Black Knight: where can you read the webtoon online?

Many viewers were captivated by the dystopian future depicted in the 2023 Netflix series Black Knight, and many were curious about the show’s initial concept. The series is based on a webtoon created by South Korean artist Lee Yun-kyun and posted online. We’ll learn more about this web comic as we read it.

You can watch the official trailer for Netflix’s Black Knight here on Youtube.

Black Knight on Netflix: where can you read the webtoon online?

The Lee Yun-kyun webtoon of the same name served as the inspiration for the Netflix TV series Black Knight, which will debut in 2023. There are nine episodes to it, and you can read it online right now at Read the Webtoon Black Knight online

Four of the nine episodes are available on all devices, whereas the other five can be read inside the app.

The webtoon is presented with this synopsis:

Devastating air pollution and severe social divide between residents and refugees. A corrupt, unforgiving and violent social order. This is the world Sawol was born into. After watching the police massacre her mother and adopted family simply because they were refugees, Sawol holds a deep seeded rage and fear of the police. Sawol believes that becoming a delivery agent is the only means to liberate herself, but can she beat the odds stacked up against her to become one?

The series’ narrative is intricate and chock-full of surprises. If you watch it, you’ll learn that Ryu Seok wants to intentionally segregate people because the son of the chairman of the Cheonmyeong Group wants to kill all refugees, has a personal army, is in charge of the air pollution, and conducts experiments on children. The divisions of the future society, which are explained by the lack of oxygen, are actually an intentional segregation.

In Black Knight, a group of deliverymen who want to overthrow the government are the main characters. They have 5-8 as their leader, and Yoon Sa-wol, a mutant refugee, is also a member of the organization. After numerous attempts, their revolution will be successful, Ryu Seok will pass away, and the Ministry of Defense will be detained. The South Korean president will make an announcement about a better future where every person will have an equal right to live with dignity at the conclusion of the series.

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